Things your Medicare Supplement Plan F won’t cover

As far as previous details are concerned, the Medicare Supplement F is supposed to cover most of the original Medicare charges. Since the medicare is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B, it is considered to be an efficient one. Also, the Medicare plan is offered by government while the supplement plan is offered by the personal insurance companies. Even though Medicare is divided in two parts, it cannot cover all the benefits. So, for this the Medicare supplement plan comes into play. The Medigap Plan F is supposed to cover most of the benefits of Medicare. But there are certain things that Medigap Plan F won’t be able to cover.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Supplement Plans as per the rules developed in 2006, won’t be covering any charges for drug prescription. It is for this reason that you won’t be enjoy this benefits. Thus for this reason you will need to enroll yourself in Part D. It will help you to get most of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits. Nonetheless, if you want prescription benefits, you should purchase the Medicare Advantage Plan instead of a Medicare Supplement Plan. The Medicare Advantage plan has the coverage for prescription drugs.

medicare Supplemental Health plans for 2019 are at and save money

The Medicare Supplement Plan F or the Medigap plan F isn’t the same as that of the other Medigap plans. This is because it does not cover the various health benefits. The Plan F does not have coverage for conditions such as hearing, dental, vision and long term. It also does not offer the charges for private nursing or any long-term care. If you want to enjoy this benefit you can purchase the Medicare Advantage plan or the Medicare Part C.

Although Medicare Advantage Plan is considered to be not as beneficial as Medicare Supplement Plan, in certain cases you can enjoy the different benefits. The Medicare Advantage Plan may prove to be helpful in certain cases but it has high premium charges, so you should consider about it too.

Compared to the other plans, although Plan F offers the maximum benefits, it is better if you consider other options. If Plan F has a number of benefits, it also has certain drawbacks, for which experts often recommend not to choose this plan. You should also determine whether you can afford it. Not many people can afford this plan, which is why most of them drop this plan.