Reasons you should not enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F is considered one of the most efficient and beneficial plans. However, although it is so much efficient many people still refrain from enrolling themselves on to the plan. This is because they consider that the plan lacks in a lot of things. Many of the insurers would tell you to choose the plan, but before you choose it, you should consider other options as well. Over the time, it was believed that Medicare Supplement Plan F would be reduced but later on it was upgraded to Plan F+. Plan F+ is the high-deductible option.


Medicare Supplement Plan F covers most of the cost of Medicare Part A and B. Therefore, for this reason that it is one of the costliest plans. But more than this, you will have to pay more enrolling cost too. As far as Plan G is compared to that of Plan F, the price of Plan F is more. Thus, it charges extra money too. Also, the annual premium for Plan F is more than that of the other plans. Instead of saving, you tend to spend more and more money in it.

 The Plan would soon expire

As per experts, the Medicare Supplement Plan F would expire soon by the year 2020. This means that no new people will be able to enroll themselves into this place. There are various reasons that have contributed to the expiry of the plan. However, there are options for you to switch the medicare supplement plans, so you can switch. But if you do not have the option of switching you are stuck and you won’t be able to carry on with any other plan.

 High rate of premium

Since a long time, the medicare supplement plan F has had more premium rate than the others. Also, the rate of premium increases each year as that of Plan G. There is such an increase in the price because it tends to offer the first dollar coverage. So, you won’t have any extra or additional charges such as copayments and deductibles to use in your Plan F. As the health claim increases, the price for premium increases too. Compared to Plan F, Plan For is very much efficient. The rate increases at an average rate.

Medicare Supplement Plan F would soon go away. So if you have enrolled yourself in any of the plans, it is better if you check on it efficiently. Also, it is better if you switch or if you haven’t enrolled, you should try out some other plan.